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Advance Medical of Naples’s new home has been designed with you and the well being of the Earth in mind. Both the construction and landscaping are based on green principles to reduce pollution and toxicity and promote sustainability.

Where ever eco-friendly choices were presented, we utilized them. All paints and finishes are zero- or low VOC (volatile organic compounds), whereby reducing indoor air pollution from off-gassing. Most of the furniture used is from Steelcase, with chairs and tables that can be easily recycled when no longer needed. The furniture is also LEED certified. LEED is a voluntary certification system of the US Green Building Council designed to promote buildings that are environmentally responsible, profitable and safe places for people to live and work.

Our medical practice also utilizes technology, responsible purchasing, and recycling to further our commitment to the environment. Advance Medical of Naples uses:

  • Digital X-Rays, which eliminate the need for chemical processing.
  • Earth-friendly, biodegradable METHOD cleaning products.
  • Electronic medical records, which substantially reduce our consumption of paper and have enabled us to become almost paperless.
  • 100% recycled paper for business  cards, stationary, patient information brochures, etc., through our printing partner, Paperfish printing company. 
  • Recycling for all waste paper, plastics, aluminum, etc.

The landscaping, designed by Jeff Curl of Q Grady Minor, is based on Xeriscape principles and utilizes only indigenous plants - many of which have medicinal qualities.

The building is a two-story, 28,000 square foot complex, and Advance Medical of Naples occupies the entire first floor. The center, located at 1250 Pine Ridge Road, was built by D. Garrett Construction.

Prior to completion in July 2007, the modern building was already cited for a “Merit in Architecture” award by The Southwest Association of the American Institute of Architects.

In a time of stress, both individual and environmental, isn't it good to know that Advance Medical of Naples is looking at the big picture. Healthcare with you and the environment in mind!

The new building from various angles

Overhead view


Interior view


Surgical bays

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